Hampton Roads Realtor®  Affiliate Spotlight is a monthly feature offering a closer look at the association’s Affiliate members. Virginia Media is a 2019 Ambassador Partner. The real estate team of Virginia Media was recognized in June in their Affiliate Spotlight.

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Company: Virginia Media

Territory: Hampton Roads, northeastern North Carolina and Richmond. However, we can help you reach target markets anywhere with our digital solutions.

Company details: www.virginiamedia.com, llss@virginiamedia.com or 757-446-2782

Year company established: Virginia Media was established in May 2018. Our core companies, The Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press, have been serving Hampton Roads readers and advertisers for over 150 years.

Company specialties: Our commitment to our customers and the communities we serve is our highest priority. Our team is now more able than ever to serve your needs across all of our print, digital, events, and experiential products and services.

HRRA Affiliate member since: 1992

Why we joined HRRA: Being a member of HRRA allows us to stay informed on industry insights and connect with the real estate community.

Why we love doing what we do: We have a stake in the success and well being of our communities because we live and work here, too. We are passionate about doing what is right for our clients.

Our favorite HRRA event and why: HRRA’s Member Expo. It was a great event where we were able to meet face to face with current and new clients and other industry partners.

Best piece of advice to REALTORS®: Know what makes you and your brand unique, and be consistent in communicating that message to your potential clients.

The one thing we want REALTORS® to know about our industry is: Everyone has always known we know print with print publications across the state, including The Virginian-Pilot, Daily Press, Williamsburg Gazette, Style Weekly and more. But as the industry has changed (and continues to evolve) we have adapted and learned. We’ve used technology to not only grow our business but also to grow thousands of other businesses in Hampton Roads and across the state of Virginia.

Members of the Virginia Media Real Estate Team: Pic 1 – Kelly Allman, Kim Nelson, and Heather Lauver. Pic 2 – Allyson Sproul, Kim Nelson, Kelly Allman, and Heather Lauver