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Programmatic Advertising

Digital media has gone through constant and dramatic change over the past decade as new media, targeting capabilities, and technologies have changed how brands reach consumers. Today, consumers expect consistent, high-quality buying experiences across multiple touch-points—and sellers must respond with unified sales strategies and capabilities. That’s what brings us here. We’re advocating for the thoughtful integration of digital buying. Yes, it can be achieved, if and when it’s powered by a unified media platform. We know it’s a process—but we’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

The programmatic industry is constantly evolving, and can be complex—but we’re here to define the space. In it’s simplest form, programmatic buying sends the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. 


Our programmatic advertising program provides access to the industry’s leading exchanges, along with 25,000+ audience segments across over 30 different data providers, giving flexible and intuitive inventory and data targeting options.


Allows you to track all users who visit your web page, and finds those users across almost any site.


Choose to have your ads served only on pages that match chosen topical categories, such as real estate, fashion, or food.


Targets a list of individual websites; good for optimizations after you have a list of best performing websites


Targets pre-built audience groups by third-party data providers (such as BlueKai, Lotame, Datonics). 


Use native to make your brand’s message align itself with the look and feel of the webpage.


Video ads on a run of network (or a wide collection of websites); can be pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll.


Similar to video on desktop except on mobile devices, and served across apps and mobile sites.


The ability to target audience(s) based on their exact location using GPS coordinates.


Targets consumers on their mobile devices using third-party audience data.

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Reaches existing customers using a client’s first-party data, which can then be used to on-board and build custom audience segments (to target programmatically).