The Flagship is produced by Navy Region Mid-Atlantic staff. The editorial content of this newspaper and any supplement is prepared, edited and provided by the Public Affairs Office of Navy Region Mid-Atlantic. 

Virginia Media is the proud publisher of all official base newspapers for Hampton Roads, the largest military market in the world. As the trusted partner of the active military community, we are the authorized publisher of the on-base newspaper for the Navy. A recession-proof consumer market, the military provides nearly a third of ALL local jobs in Hampton Roads.

The Flagship is published every Thursday.

Readership & Circulation

Weekly Print Readership: 33,402

Thursday Circulation: 35,000

Sources: Scarborough 2022 (Release 1); June 2022 Press Order

Why Should You Advertise with The Flagship?
  • Readership breakdown: 16% active duty; 16% civilian military employee; 36% retired
  • Distributed every Thursday to Hampton Roads Naval installations as well as all Marine units stationed in the area
  • Delivered to all Navy housing and piers
  • Delivered to 500+ off-base locations & high traffic areas
  • Available free to all active duty and civilian personnel, retirees and their families
Source: Scarborough 2022 (Release 1), Norfolk/Newport News, VA Market.