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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

How discoverable is your brand? Search is more than keywords and clicks. It is about intent. When you type in “craft brewery,” are you looking for how craft beers are made? Do you need to find the closest brew master around your neighborhood? Are you looking for the secret recipe that you can make at home?

The key to a successful Search Marketing strategy is to understand how to capture, understand, and influence the intent of your target audience. We can make sure the right people make their way to your site.

Connect with customers with a variety of ad formats across the digital universe. Deliver custom message to people actively searching for your keywords and leverage the best in class tools to boost your visibility in search engines, display, mobile apps and map results.

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Google Search

The benefit of search ads is that you’re displaying your ad in the place where most searchers look for information first — on Google.

The stronger and more focused your paid search campaigns are, the more clicks you generate — leading to a greater probability of obtaining new customers. This is why Google Ads has become increasingly popular among businesses across all industries.

Google Display Network

Google has a network of websites in various industries and with an array of audiences that opt in to display Google Ads, known as the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network allows you to connect with customers through a variety of ad formats across millions of premium websites – includes display and video.

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YouTube Video Ads

Video ads are displayed before or after (and sometimes in the middle of) YouTube videos. YouTube is not simply a website; it is a search engine. YouTube’s user-friendliness, combined with its video content, has made it the second largest search engine behind Google.



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Gmail Ads

Gmail ads show up as sponsored messages in Gmail users’ inboxes. Like every ad on Google, they show up with a little green “Ad” tag, but they otherwise look like a new unread message at the top of a user’s inbox.





Bing Ads

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Although Google is the leader in the search engine market, Bing Ads—which provides pay per click advertising services on the Bing search engine—still accounts for a large share of the market. So if your company is only advertising on Google, then you are missing out on roughly 17 percent of the search engine market on Bing! Our specialists are ready to help with every aspect of your Bing Ads management—from tracking setup to content creation and more.