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The Daily Press, founded in 1896, serves the Virginia Peninsula and publishes the Virginia Gazette in Williamsburg as well as the Tidewater Review in the greater West Point area.

The Daily Press’ award-winning journalism works to protect your interests, help navigate your daily life and tell the stories that connect you with the communities where you live and work.

Readership & Circulation

Daily Print & Online Readership: 149,098
Sunday Print & Online Readership: 170,885

Daily Circulation: 21,880
Wednesday Circulation: 38,466
Sunday Circulation: 51,430

Sources: Scarborough, 2022 (Release 1); AAM Audit Report – 12mo ending December 31, 2020

Why Should You Advertise with Daily Press?
  • The Daily Press reaches 4 out of 10 peninsula residents.
  • The average household income of the weekly print and online Daily Press reader is $72K.
  • $300K is the average market value of owned homes of the Daily Press print and online reader.
  • Weekly Daily Press readers/users are 52% more likely to support the arts in Hampton Roads.
  • 11% of weekly Daily Press readers/users are retired or in the armed forces. 

Source: Scarborough 2022 (Release 1), Norfolk/Newport News, VA Market


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