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Our bi-weekly paid newspaper delivering the affluent Williamsburg community. Williamsburg’s #1 paid newspaper with a bi-weekly print product since 1736. Readers continue to come to us for what they need to know in their community listing us as their primary source of local news and shopping information.  To reach readers faster, we break the news online as it happens.  Many of our stories are then picked up by other local media companies.

Readership & Circulation

Weekly Print Readership: 35,558

Wednesday Circulation: 6,165
Saturday Circulation: 6,577

Sources: Scarborough 2022 (Release 1); June 2022 Press Order

Why Should You Advertise with VA Gazette?
  • The average household income of the VA Gazette reader is $89k (more than 10% higher than the average resident).
  • $389K is the average market value of an owned home of the VA Gazette reader (22% higher than the average resident).
  • 17% of VA Gazette readers plan on making a home improvement in the next 12 months.

Source: Scarborough 2022 (Release 1), Norfolk/Newport News, VA Market.

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