Outer Banks Woman

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Reach women of all ages in Northeastern North Carolina. Outer Banks Woman Magazine focuses on issues relating to women professionally and personally. 

Over 109,000 Chesapeake and North Eastern North Carolina adults visited the Outer Banks overnight or longer in the past year.  Of those, 37% were women and 29% were women 35+.

Readership & Circulation

The Virginian-Pilot

Circulation: 105,919
Readership: 305,163

Source: Nielsen Scarborough, 2019 (Release 1); Source: AAM 2019 Q3


Why Should You Advertise with The Virginian-Pilot & Daily Press?

The Virginian-Pilot audience at a glance

  • 36% of South Hampton Roads adults read The Virginian-Pilot every week.
  • 79% of adults took action as a result of seeing an ad in the newspaper in the past month.
  • 48% of adults bought something advertised in a newspaper print ad in the past month.
  • Over 14% of the average household income of a PilotOnline.com visitor in the past 30 days is $75,233 (14% more than non-visitors) and home market values are 8% higher.
  • PilotOnline.com has 8.6 million page views and 2.4 million unique users per month.
Source: Nielsen Scarborough, 2019 (Release 1)