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Virginia Media is the sales and marketing division of the several publications across the state, including The Virginian-Pilot, Daily Press, The Virginia Gazette, The Coast, Style Weekly, and other publishing brands. We are committed to working with advertising partners to bring our vast market knowledge that we have accumulated over 150 years while ingrained in the fabric of Virginia.

We are committed to innovating in the digital space so that we can continue to deliver trusted journalism to our loyal readers and allow advertisers to align with our content in a way that is welcomed by our audience.

Why Virginia Media

We know you have many choices out there when trying to promote your business. We aren’t the cheapest or the biggest advertising option. We aren’t wide-open office spaces with millennials drinking coffee and video-chatting over our Macs – well, we do have a few of those (millennials and macs). We aren’t in a cool downtown brown-stone or sitting around drinking martinis over business luncheons all day either. But neither are you. What we do have is the experience. We have talent. And we have passion.

Everyone has always known we know print, with print publications across the state, including The Virginian-Piot, Daily PressWilliamsburg GazetteStyle Weekly and more. But as the industry has changed (and continues to evolve) we have adapted and learned. We’ve used technology to not only grow our business but to also grow thousands of other businesses in Hampton Roads and across the state of Virginia.


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