Case Study: The Virginian-Pilot E-Edition Sponsorship

Driving Results on a Virginia Media Owned Digital Platform

Virginia Media’s Owned & Operated Digital Solution 

Virginia Media clients have access to a full digital agency that can manage their messaging across key digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram but we also provide significant advantages with our owned and operated websites – The Virginian-Pilot, Daily Press, and the Virginia Gazette. The reach of newspaper advertising goes far beyond the printed paper with the digital edition of the newspaper performing as a powerhouse for advertisers. 

What is the E-newspaper 

The E-newspaper is a digital replica of today’s paper and you can sponsor the E-Newspaper for a day. The Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press e-editions have over 11,000 and 6,000 engaged users contributing to 700,000 page views a day! These avid, engaged readers are spending an average of 13 minutes on this product across an average of 34 pages. When the E-Newspaper Sponsorship is incorporated into your advertising strategy, consumers spend a lot of time with your message because those ads are front, center, and on the side of every page. That is a lot of engaged readers with eyeballs on your ads!


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The Client Solution – E-Newspaper and Pilot Homepage

Recently, an advertiser ran a campaign to promote their services and upcoming webinars using both The Virginian-Pilot E-Newspaper sponsorship, along with other tactics. This powerful combination really delivered with the majority of the client’s website traffic coming from these sponsorship ads. Ads on our owned and operated properties – the e-newspaper and the Homepage delivered value and results for this local advertiser!



The Client Results – Conversions up 400% 

The client averaged over 500k impressions and 400 clicks each month! Over the course of 90 days, they received 1.6M impressions and 1,300 clicks on their Homepage and E-newspaper ads.

This client’s digital traffic was through the roof but most importantly they accomplished their business goals. Let’s put these numbers into context – these ads increased their conversions 400% and helped them hire 8 NEW EMPLOYEES! While a half-million digital impressions a month is impressive, what is truly impressive is the power of local media. Community is so important and we are proud that this client tried O&O, keeping advertising dollars local and reaching local people.

(current Virginia Media digital customer)

The team for your online advertising

The next time your business is considering a digital advertising campaign, ask about the digital e-newspaper opportunities in The Virginian-Pilot and/or the Daily Press. The e-newspaper offers you reach with an engaged audience that will spend time with your message.