Distinction magazine is a full-color lifestyle publication that takes its readers on a journey through the Commonwealth. Employing the best photographers and writers in the state, it glides effortlessly from gorgeous spreads on high-end food and fashion to moving pieces on fascinating people and places.

Distinction’s team of award-winning writers and editors – specialists in the fields of travel, property, fashion, cars, cuisine, arts, design, watches, jewelry and more – are driven by a passion for value and a desire to discover the best Hampton Roads has to offer. Readers will learn about hot spots and hot topics, meet new faces and encounter interesting places, and get an opportunity to dive into enviable experiences found only in Virginia.

Readership & Circulation

Readership: 49,000

Distribution: South Hampton Roads to Richmond.

Why Should You Advertise with Distinction?
  • The average household income of the Distinction reader is $105K
  • The market home value of the Distinction reader is $430K
  • 67% of Distinction readers earned an undergraduate degree or higher
  • 1 in 3 Distinction readers are in a management/business/financial occupation
  • 57% have lived in their current home for 10 years or more
Source: Nielsen Scarborough, 2019 (Release 1); Source: AAM 2019 Q3; comScore 2017

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