Engage these ‘work from home warriors’ with a clever photo contesting inviting them to share their best—or worst—work from home setups. Photos can be of amazing views, great backdrops for video conferencing, or inspiring multi-screen workstations.

All users who submit a photo will receive a bounce-back offer (a promo or coupon code to use now or in the future), and a grand prize winner can receive a larger prize.

Why a Photo Contest

  • Fully turnkey – Virginia Media manages contest execution and promotion
  • Client receives all data collected from the contest
  • Client may enter promotional materials in Thank You emails to all submissions
  • Feel-good branding and messaging to resonate with audiences

About Your Custom Contest

Users are asking to submit a photo that aligns with your business during a 30-day promotional period.

All who submit are entered into a sweepstakes and receive a coupon or promo code from you. You choose the winning the photo or photos that win a grand prize(s). Winner receives Grand Prize.

Suggested submission period: 30 days

workfromhome vm2
workfromhome vm
workfromhome vm3

Custom Photo Contest

Custom Registration Page

  • Virginia Media will build and maintain the contest and monitor voting
  • Custom registration page with up to 3 marketing survey questions
  • 100% SOV on contest page, housed on pilotonline.com
  • Prize for entrants (promo code, discount offer) & grand prize for winner(s)

Promotion Includes:

  • Enter-to-win contest w/ submissions period followed by a voting period,  including
    • Brand logo
    • Desired registration fields
    • Header image
    • “Thank you” email
  • E-mail message alerting past contest participants of a new contest
  • List of Opt-Ins for the specific sweepstakes

Custom Registration Page

  • Capture submission information (name, email, ZIP)
  • Opt-in to your email database
  • Custom marketing questions (up to 3)