The Giving Issue

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Philanthropic giving in the U.S. is core to sustaining capitalism and thus, the American economy. In other words, being charitable not only makes you feel good, it makes good business sense. Please join us in recognizing Hampton Roads charitable organizations and the many great ways they improve our region. Each full-page purchased will be accompanied by an additional full-page that provides a profile of the charitable organization chosen by each sponsor.

Section Snapshot  

Publication Date

November 23, 2020

Reservation Deadline

November 5, 2020

ET Deadline
November 17, 2020


  • HH Income: $86K
  • 67% Men | 33% Women
  • Average age: 59
  • Market value of home: $361K
  • 14% of Inside Business readers donate to non-profit causes
  • 53% volunteer their time to non-profit organizations


  • Circulation: 9,000
  • Readership: 15,571
Source: Scarborough Nielsen, 2019 Release